ABS 750-900-1050 MBH

The ABSOLUTE “ABS SERIES” utilizes a durable sectional cast aluminum heat exchanger engineered and designed in Europe. The cast aluminum provides a robust and lightweight corrosion resistant heat exchanger which allows a high efficiency unit with a small foot print. The ABSOLUTE “ABS SERIES” heat exchanger is designed with large water ways, reducing overall pressure drop through the boiler.  The ABSOLUTE “ABS SERIES” heat exchanger carries a 10 year non-prorated warranty.



• Fully modulating: 10:1 turndown ratio

• Factory fired and ASME pressure tested

• Honeywell Sola Boiler Control System

• Honeywell S7999D 1006 Large 7″ high definition color LCD touchscreen

• Up to Eight boiler cascade system control

• ASME MAWP 160 PSI heat exchanger

• Caster wheels for easy mobility

• Cat II or IV Venting

• Variable flow capability

• Sealed combustion option

• 10 year warranty

• 3-wire RS-485 ModBus™ protocol

• Very quiet at less than 60 dBA

• Low natural gas pressure requirements, 3.5” to 14” WC

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